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When using the create module with for example the lognormal distribution, and directly dispose all entities, the output is exactly the same when running the model exactly 500 hours for example. However, the output should be variable right?

And I have another question, how are the lognormal mean and lognormal standard deviation for Arena calculated, because when I use my calculated lognormal mean and lognormal standard deviation (which are checked and are correct) the output is much larger than expected. Or does Arena have as input parameter just the normal mean and standard deviation of the data?

What I have tried:

I have tried other distributions, but exactly the same happens
Updated 16-May-21 21:46pm
Richard MacCutchan 17-May-21 3:37am
Given that we have no idea what product or code that you are referring to, or what data you are modelling, it is unlikely that we can offer any useful feedback.

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This site is devoted to software development, we don't provide technical support for company products. And most especially, we do not provide tech support for paid products - all that would do is encourage companies to "offload" tech support to the web and that helps nobody except accountants.

I'd suggest you start with the company who produced it: Arena Simulation[^] - given that you have to "contact the sales department" to find out how much it costs, it's not going to be a cheap product, so you should get what you have paid for: technical support when you need it from the people who should know the product best!
Member 15202663 17-May-21 3:59am
I am performing this research for my university and not for a company in specific
OriginalGriff 17-May-21 4:37am
Yes, I guessed it was your homework - but that doesn't change anything (or makes it all the more important you do it for yourself): the company that produced the software you are using is best placed to help you.

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