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Hi All

I am Using 2 Tables (1 Table is Fees_Transaction another one Table is FeesMaster). I Want to JOIN 2 Talbe and Matching the Class and Regno From that Amount Shoud be Calculate and Display in the DataGridView.

I Try to This Code but it's notWorking... Please Help me.. How to Join and Caluclate Particular regno+Class amount.

Fees_Transaction Table Data
Regno ST_Name Class Section Amount_Paid FeeType
A600 BBBB I A 500 Team-1
A900 PPPP I A 750 Team-1
A700 DSDSDSDSD I A 500 Team-1
A700 DSDSDSDSD I A 250 Team-1
A700 DSDSDSDSD I A 300 Jan
A700 DSDSDSDSD I A 350 Jan
A600 BBBB I A 150 Team-1
A900 PPPP I A 200 Jan

FeesMaster : Table Data
Reg no Class Section Sname FeeType FeeAmount
A600 I A BBBB Team-1 650
A700 I A DSDSDSDSD Team-1 750
A900 I A PPPP Team-1 750
A600 I A BBBB Jan 650
A700 I A DSDSDSDSD Jan 650
A900 I A PPPP Jan 650

Reg no ST_Name Amount_Paid FeeAmount FeeType Class Section

A600 BBBB 650 1300 TOTAL I A
A700 DSDSDSDSD 1400 1400 TOTAL I A
A900 PPPP 950 1400 TOTAL I A

Dim strSQL5 As String = "SELECT Fees_Transaction.Regno, Fees_Transaction.ST_Name, SUM(Fees_Transaction.Amount_Paid) as FTAmountPaid, FeeAmount FROM Fees_Transaction INNER JOIN (SELECT Class, SUM(FeeAmount) FROM FeesMaster WHERE FeesMaster.Class='" & cboClass.Text & "') as FeeAmount WHERE Fees_Transaction.Class='" & cboClass.Text & "' GROUP BY Fees_Transaction.Regno,Fees_Transaction.ST_Name"

1 solution

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Solution 1

I'm not sure if I got your question right, I guess the way you should do it as below



and if you want data that is common in column a and d (in your case class and regno) then you do the below
SELECT tbl_1.a,tbl_1.b,tbl_1.c
FROM tbl_1 INNER JOIN tbl_2 on tbl_1.a = tbl_2.d
GROUP BY tbl_1.a, tbl_1.b, tbl_1.c

modify the above to suit your requirement
Navas Khanj 18-Jan-13 9:59am
This Join Two Table Ok.. But How to Match and Where Condition..? and TotolSum..

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