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this is for school timetable

of course there are teachers and their lessons but this lessons hours different
one lesson 3 hour another lesson 5 hour for example

I want to do

1-X teacher login this web site
2-so list of lessons will come from database for X teacher(of course this lessons has diffrent hours)
3-X teacher will select Y lesson drag and drop property
he or she put on time table
Y lesson has 3 hour for example one hour monday 8:00
two hour friday 12:00-14:00

if Y lesson finish to distribute on the time table select another lesson so on...

how to do that which component can I use for list of lessons and time table.
how can I do drag and drop.

thank for your interest
Updated 14-Mar-21 8:02am

1 solution

ASP.NET in itself does not support drag and drop because that is client side functionality. To perform drag and drop on a browser, you need to incorporate javascript to do this. The easiest and most robust way I know of for this is to use the JQuery UI - Draggable[^] library. How to layout your controls and such on the page is up to you. Once you have those done and you get stuck on implementing the drag and drop, show us some code snippets and ask a more specific question related to your specific problem. Cheers.
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jkirkerx 18-Jan-13 18:12pm    
good idea, but that's a big learning curve, considering he's not that familiar with HTML elements.

For the OP

Keep in mind that most Objects are just HTML elements. Some objects like the treeview and gridview are more complex, but really just a combination of HTML object put together to form the control. You to can combine HTML objects to build something more complex, it takes time and some experimentation.

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