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I am using below query and query returns 100 records in MYSQL workbench but returns 0 in python cursor.

import MySQLdb as dbapi
import sys

QUERY="SET @row_number = 0; select * from (SELECT (@row_number:=@row_number + 1) AS '#input', t.* from view t LIMIT 100) as T;"

In result I get 0 records, may be executing SET @rownumber first might return 0 rows. I don't have permission to create store procedure

What I have tried:

I am trying to add new column in csv with numbering but I believe it will affect performance
Updated 21-May-21 8:06am

1 solution

You are using the table alias T twice. Try
QUERY="SET @row_number = 0; select * from (SELECT (@row_number:=@row_number + 1) AS '#input', t.* from view t LIMIT 100) as X;"
That was a glitch at my end.

As you have multiple statements in QUERY try
cur.execute(QUERY, multi=True)
Beware: this can have different behaviour depending on which drivers you are using, so it's not the recommended approach.

If you have MySQL V8.0 or better then you could use the ROW_NUMBER [^] function to get the same result
ROW_NUMBER() OVER () AS rn, ID from view;
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RAHUL(10217975) 21-May-21 14:12pm    
Query works fine in mysql query editor. But same query returns 0 result in python
CHill60 21-May-21 14:15pm     CRLF
When I ran it in SQL fiddle I got 0 rows returned. When I changed it to X I got 1 row returned. I had 1 row on my rest table. Might be a failing of sql fiddle though. Did you actually try this fix?
RAHUL(10217975) 22-May-21 8:34am     CRLF
Indeed! result is 0 records
CHill60 22-May-21 10:26am     CRLF
Well that started working for me now too - must have been a temporary glitch with the fiddle site. I'm updating my solution with an alternative

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