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Since last week, i have been trying to split the large file logically. I have a large transaction log file (3GB) which is in JSON format. That log file contains the xml content (Request and resposne from Soapui) taken from the Readyapi tool. Now i want to split this file into small files without missing the continution of request/response of xml content. or splitting the file based on request and response. i have a below code for splitting into small files based on memory in bytes. but that code cuts the xml request/response into half. Is it possible to split the files based on request and response instead of memory or lines based?

Please hepl me on this.

Note: My log file looks like below [xml requests and responses are in JSON format]

"request":{"method":"POST","url":"","httpVersion":"HTTP/1.1","cookies":[],"headers":[{"name":"SOAPAction","value":"\"\""},{"name":"Authorization","value":"Basic R1dQQzpHUF9QQ19pbnRlcm5fVGVzdA=="},{"name":"Accept","value":"text/html, image/gif, image/jpeg, *; q=.2, */*; q=.2"},{"name":"Cache-Control","value":"max-age=259200"},{"name":"User-Agent","value":"Java/11.0.10"},{"name":"Connection","value":"keep-alive"},{"name":"X-Forwarded-For","value":""},{"name":"Host","value":""},{"name":"Content-Length","value":"25916"},{"name":"Content-Type","value":"text/xml;charset=UTF-8"},{"name":"Via","value":"1.1 egress-https-proxy-1-vjrls (squid/3.5.20)"}],"queryString":[],"postData":{"mimeType":"text/xml;charset=UTF-8","params":[],"text":"\n<tns:envelope xmlns:tns="\"\"">\n <tns:header>\n <axahdr:contextheader xmlns:axahdr="\"http://aems.corp.intraxa/eip/2012/03/schemas/envelope\"">\n <axahdr:audittimestamp>2021-05-21T12:37:42.911+02:00\n <axahdr:addressing>\n <axahdr:messageid>5063a91c-1a80-4a2d-ae8d-bf48fd6e7463\n <axahdr:action>\n <axahdr:sourceendpoints>\n <axahdr:sourceendpoint>\n <wsa:address xmlns:wsa="\"\"/">\n \n \n <axahdr:conversationid>\n <axahdr:taskid>GWPC-35907a43-583d-4479-9070-7f317707f14f\n \n <axahdr:messagemetadata>\n <axahdr:serviceid>de-partner-ppil_gw-v4-vsSTD\n <axahdr:serviceoperation>retrieveContact\n <axahdr:stage>DEV\n <axahdr:substage>DEV\n <axahdr:interaction>sync\n \n <axahdr:requesters>\n <axahdr:requester>\n <axahdr:opco>\n <axahdr:businessdomain>\n <axahdr:applicationsystem>\n <axahdr:application>GWPC\n <axahdr:applicationinstanceid>timetravel-policycenter-05\n \n \n <axahdr:security>\n

What I have tried:

Below code is to split the file based on memory in bytes which works fine.

package soapui_Sample;


public class Split2
    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException
            RandomAccessFile raf = new RandomAccessFile("C:\\Users\\X921763\\Desktop\\Logs\\GW_TT_Functional_Virt-20210521_084950_250.har", "r");
            long numSplits = 5; //from user input, extract it from args
            long sourceSize = raf.length();
            long bytesPerSplit = sourceSize/numSplits ;
            long remainingBytes = sourceSize % numSplits;

            int maxReadBufferSize = 8 * 1024; //8KB
            for(int destIx=1; destIx <= numSplits; destIx++) {
                BufferedOutputStream bw = new BufferedOutputStream(new FileOutputStream("C:\\Users\\X921763\\Desktop\\Logs\\Outputlogs\\GW_TT_Functional_Virt-20210521_084950."+destIx));
                if(bytesPerSplit > maxReadBufferSize) {                	
                    long numReads = bytesPerSplit/maxReadBufferSize;
                   // System.out.println("numreads: "+numReads);
                    long numRemainingRead = bytesPerSplit % maxReadBufferSize;
                    //System.out.println("numRemainingRead: "+numRemainingRead);
                    for(int i=0; i<numReads; i++) {
                        readWrite(raf, bw, maxReadBufferSize);
                    if(numRemainingRead > 0) {
                        readWrite(raf, bw, numRemainingRead);
                }else {
                    readWrite(raf, bw, bytesPerSplit);
            if(remainingBytes > 0) {
                BufferedOutputStream bw = new BufferedOutputStream(new FileOutputStream("split."+(numSplits+1)));
                readWrite(raf, bw, remainingBytes);

        static void readWrite(RandomAccessFile raf, BufferedOutputStream bw, long numBytes) throws IOException {
            byte[] buf = new byte[(int) numBytes];
           // System.out.println("bytes variable"+buf);
            int val =;
            //System.out.println("Val variable"+val);
            if(val != -1) {
Updated 25-May-21 19:32pm
Richard MacCutchan 26-May-21 3:28am    
You cannot split such a file by some arbitrary number of characters. You need to parse the content so you keep the request and response sections together in each small file.

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