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If checkbox is checked then
send the bool value (1) to the table column in database
send the bool value (0) to the table column in database

What I have tried:

<asp:CheckBox ID="CheckBox1" runat="server" CssClass="verdana8BG" AutoPostBack="false" Text="Dot Net framework" onclick="inputsChanged()" />  

'If CheckBox1.Checked Then
            '    theData("Course") = 1
            '    theData("Course") = 0
            'End If

My friend is saying that it's a kind of sending hardcoded values.
Updated 3-Jun-21 20:06pm

If you prefer it a little more readable than Chris suggests, then:
theData("Course") = If(ChecklBox1.Checked, 1, 0)
Chris Copeland 27-May-21 10:52am
Wasn't aware of the If function, learn something new every day!
OriginalGriff 27-May-21 11:39am
IIRC, it used to be the IIf Function? Not sure when they added the If operator ... you know what they are like for changes ... :sigh:
Member 14953087 28-May-21 7:35am
This is true
An alternative in VB.NET is to cast the boolean directly to an integer. The only drawback of this is that it will convert a True into -1 due to how the bits operate in a signed integer. However you can mitigate this by doing something like:


However don't be afraid to create conditional blocks if it's what you think you need for readability and maintenance, some people will push for the most minimal code you can but in reality sometimes it's better to have things laid out in a way that is more readable.

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