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It have two header files in my library source , hence I include both
of them in my client code . The code and library compiles, however,
I get "unreferenced error " when I try to use the library.

What I have tried:

compare with a single reference library
Updated 29-May-21 8:09am
Richard MacCutchan 30-May-21 3:27am    
Without seeing some code and the exact error message, and the line it refers to, it is impossible to answer the question.

1 solution

This is probably a linking error. When you compile the client program, you need to tell the linker where to find the library. For linux that would be
gcc client.c -L<path/to/lib> -llib -o client
. You can find instructions for doing that for a VisualStudio project Here[^]

Your question asks "Can referencing the library with TWO includes cause problem?". The answer is "Maybe". If the include file has #include guards, then no, but otherwise, "Probably".
example #include file with guards
#ifndef MY_LIB_H
#define MY_LIB_H

struct s {
   int i;
    double d;

int foo(struct s  *my_struct);

Without the include guards, the compiler should complain about multiple definitions of struct s, if the header file is included more than once.
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Member 14968771 29-May-21 14:29pm    
To be honest , I do not see your point / reference to guards. I have added another level of include , with guard, and have a same issue.
My conclusions - the problem is NOT in library reference include point. AFter I find the problem I'll go back to multi library reference points, just to make sure .

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