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#include "libraries.h"

#define MAX_BULLETS 5

typedef struct bulletpath_s
    Vector2 start_pos, end_pos, pos;
    bool isActive;
} bulletpath_t;

typedef struct spacecraft_s
    Vector2 pos;
    float degree;
    bulletpath_t bullet
} spacecraft_t;

static spacecraft_t gSpacecraft = {
    .pos = {400, 250},
    .degree = 0};

typedef void (*animation_evnt_func_t)(animation_t *);

static Vector2 calBullletEndPost(Vector2 start_pos, float bearing, float distance)
    float radians = (2 * PI) / 360 * bearing;
    return (Vector2){
        .x = cos(radians) * distance + start_pos.x,
        .y = (-sin(radians) * distance) + start_pos.y};

static void fireBullet(animation_t *ani)
    bulletpath_t *bullet = (spacecraft_t *)animation_get_user_data(ani, 1);

    switch (ani->state)
    case ANIME_START:
        spacecraft_t *sc = (spacecraft_t *)animation_get_user_data(ani, 0);
        bullet->start_pos = sc->pos;
        bullet2->end_pos = calBullletEndPost(sc->pos, sc->degree, 200);
        bullet2->isActive = true;
        bullet2->pos = Vector2Lerp(bullet->start_pos, bullet->end_pos, animation_get_value(ani));

    case ANIME_END:
        bullet2->isActive = false;



static void ResponeToInput()
    if (IsMouseButtonPressed(MOUSE_LEFT_BUTTON) && !gSpacecraft.bullet.isActive)
        gSpacecraft.pos = GetMousePosition();

    if (IsKeyDown(KEY_LEFT))
    else if (IsKeyDown(KEY_RIGHT))

    if (IsKeyPressed(KEY_SPACE) && !gSpacecraft.bullet.isActive)
        animation_t *ani = animation_allocate();
        animation_schedule(ani, 1.0, 0);
        animation_set_user_data(ani, 0, &gSpacecraft);
        animation_set_user_data(ani, 1, &gSpacecraft.bullet);
        animation_set_event_listener(ani, ANIME_END, fireBullet);
        animation_set_event_listener(ani, ANIME_PLAYING, fireBullet);
        animation_set_event_listener(ani, ANIME_START, fireBullet);

static void DrawFrame()

    if (gSpacecraft.bullet.isActive)
        DrawCircleV(gSpacecraft.bullet.pos, 5, WHITE);


    game_sprite_craft(gSpacecraft.pos.x, gSpacecraft.pos.y,;

int main(void)
        800, /*screen-width  800 pixels*/
        450, /*screen-height 450 pixels*/

    while (true)
        // Detect window close button or ESC key
        if (WindowShouldClose())

    return 0;

What I have tried:

everything to my knowledge but I wasn't able to make the spaceship fire 5 bullets
Updated 31-May-21 5:44am
Richard MacCutchan 31-May-21 10:29am    
Where exactly do you want to change 1 to 5?
Komzy K 31-May-21 21:15pm    
the firebullet section
Richard MacCutchan 1-Jun-21 3:16am    
So add a simple for loop that repeats 5 times.
merano99 31-May-21 18:22pm    
What is "libraries.h" ?
Joe Woodbury 1-Jun-21 2:35am    
Putting aside that the code is broken (where does bullet2 come from?) consider that bullet 2 will start at ANIME_END. Further consider that instead of isActive, you'd have: int remaining;

Go from there.

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