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I need daily save some data to archive (Json), on windows server. I can create .cmd file and it work with scheduler task, but i dont want open browser on server. How can run .cs or .vb file via .cmd file without open browser? (what could be global.asax or iis solution instead)

What I have tried:

i wrote this, into .cmd file. But it opening browser too.
start "" https://localhost:59815/JsonAdd.aspx
Updated 1-Jun-21 9:46am

Why are you trying to do this with a web application?

Just write a small console app to do the work and run that from the Windows Scheduler.
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gacar 1-Jun-21 16:36pm    
Yes good idea but i have many dependencies in code. And i havent any experience about console applications. My code is below: is this code can write as console app?

Using dh = New IronEntities()
Dim IronKayit As List(Of insaat_Ironi) = dh.insaat_Ironi.Where(Function(x) > 0).ToList
Dim IronKayitDic As New Dictionary(Of String, Integer)
Dim dmkalinStr As String = ""
Dim dmkalin As New InsaatIroniKalinArsiv
For Each itm In IronKayit
IronKayitDic.Add(itm.bolge, itm.kalin)
dmkalinStr = dmkalinStr & ""
Select Case itm.bolge
Case "İstanbul"
dmkalin.İstanbul = itm.kalin
dmkalin.tarih = itm.tarih_tr
Case "İzmir"
dmkalin.İzmir = itm.kalin
Case "Payas"
dmkalin.Payas = itm.kalin
Case "Karabük"
dmkalin.Karabük = itm.kalin
End Select

Dim filePath = Server.MapPath("~/Content/Chart/insaat_Iron/TestKalinTum.json")
Dim jsonData = System.IO.File.ReadAllText(filePath)
Dim jsonSettings = New JsonSerializerSettings()
Dim dateConverter = New IsoDateTimeConverter With {
.DateTimeFormat = "yyyy'.'MM'.'dd"

Dim jss As New JavaScriptSerializer()
Dim dict = jss.Deserialize(Of List(Of InsaatIronKalinArsiv))(jsonData)
Dim jsonKalin As String = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(dict, jsonSettings.Converters(0))
System.IO.File.WriteAllText(filePath, jsonKalin)
End Using
Dave Kreskowiak 1-Jun-21 17:48pm    
You could, but I get the feeling you didn't break your Entity Framework code out into its own project.

Another method would be to expose a web method from your web site to do the maintenance task and call that from the command line using a variety of methods.

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