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I have a string that adds extra quotes and I would like to remove those double quotes with single quotes. I have tried different scenarios and I haven't got any luck. I know it is a small issue that I might be missing something.

Thanks for your help in advance.

What I have tried:

Below is the string array

Results should be like this

I have tried to do this
string output = Regex.Replace(Usernames, "''''", "");

The results became like this which is not what i want.
Updated 7-Jun-21 6:30am

1 solution

Your replacement string is empty. Try:
string output = Regex.Replace(Usernames, "''''", "\"");

Here is the actual code I used:
string Usernames = "''''testing1'''',''''testing2'''',''''testing3'''',''''testing4'''',''''testing5'''',''''testing6''''";
Console.WriteLine("Input: {0}", Usernames);
string output = Regex.Replace(Usernames, "''''", "\"");
Console.WriteLine("Output: {0}", output);

And here is the resulting output:
Input: ''''testing1'''',''''testing2'''',''''testing3'''',''''testing4'''',''''testing5'''',''''testing6''''
Output: "testing1","testing2","testing3","testing4","testing5","testing6"

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Nkhanedzeni 7-Jun-21 8:07am    
Thanks, why is it adding the backslash or will it work like this?
Richard MacCutchan 7-Jun-21 8:16am    
The code I gave you is not adding the backslash. See updated solution.
Maciej Los 8-Jun-21 9:13am    
The backslash is in this case an escape character.
Maciej Los 8-Jun-21 9:13am    
Richard MacCutchan 8-Jun-21 9:17am    
Thanks Maciej.

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