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I have been struggling to pivot a table dynamically in Entity Framework for 2 weeks now.

What I have tried:

I've been able to pivot a SQL table using the latest Entity Framework using static headers, hardcoding the columns, using the following: 

<pre lang="C#">
<pre>var query = _context.Categories
            .SelectMany(c => c.StaticEvents )
            .GroupBy(c => new {c.Time.Month})
            .Select(g => new {
                Month = g.Key.Month,
                Baralho = g.Where(c => c.CategoryId == 3).Count(),
                Coffee = g.Where(c => c.CategoryId == 1).Count(),
                Water = g.Where(c => c.CategoryId == 2).Count(),
                Tea = g.Where(c => c.CategoryId == 4).Count(),

When I try to go a step further and create the headers dynamically with the following:

var query = _context.Categories
            .SelectMany(c => c.StaticEvents )
            .GroupBy(c => new {c.Time.Month})
            .Select(g => new {
                Month = g.Key.Month,
                category = g.GroupBy(f => f.CategoryId).Select(m => new { Sub = m.Key, Score = m.Count()})

I get this error:

.GroupBy(f => f.CategoryId)' could not be translated. Either rewrite the query in a form that can be translated, or switch to client evaluation explicitly by inserting a call to 'AsEnumerable', 'AsAsyncEnumerable', 'ToList', or 'ToListAsync'. See for more information.

Any ideas on how to achieve this dynamically?
Updated 14-Jun-21 3:47am

1 solution

EF Core's GroupBy support is notoriously bad.

Something like this might work:
    .SelectMany(c => c.StaticEvents)
    .GroupBy(c => c.Time.Month, (month, items) => new {
        Month = month,
        Categories = items.GroupBy(i => i.CategoryId, (key, m) => new { Sub = key, Score = m.Count() })
However, given the large number of GroupBy issues logged on the EF Core GitHub repo, there are no guarantees.
Issues · dotnet/efcore · GitHub[^]

You might end up having to execute a raw SQL query instead.

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