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I have a text file. Example: inputfolder/abc.txt

Below is just an example - the actual file will have many lines which will vary everytime


Every line ends with '~' and I would like to merge all the lines into one

Desired output :


How can I merge all the lines into one line using windows command? ( I don't want to add any extra character)

Once all the lines are merged, the file should be moved to another folder Example: OutputFolder/abc.txt


What I have tried:

I want to execute this into windows command
Updated 18-Jun-21 1:54am
Dave Kreskowiak 17-Jun-21 20:08pm    
Define what you mean by "Windows command". Are we talking a .BAT or .CMD file? Powershell script, or what?

1 solution

Try this Powershell script:
$fileName = "file.txt"
# Get content of file
$content = Get-Content -Path $fileName -Raw -Encoding UTF8

# remove carriage return and newline characters
$newcontent = $content.Replace("`r","").Replace("`n","")

# display the changed text
Write-Host "Content: $newcontent"

# write the modified text to a new file
$newfilename = "newfile.txt"
Out-File -FilePath "$newfilename" -force -InputObject $newcontent
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