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when to terminate the looping through a string using the statement
text[i] != 0
? and when to terminate it using the statement
text[i] != '\0' 

What I have tried:

Updated 23-Jun-21 2:17am

There is no difference. '\0' and 0 are just different ways of expressing zero.
The choice between them is a matter of coding style.
The '\0' form is more clearly a character value, but the compiled code would be identical.
Ahmad Qassym 23-Jun-21 16:54pm
They are equivalent. Moreover they are equvalent to
It depends on your personal taste.
A developer used to C++ would probably use the second one.
Ahmad Qassym 23-Jun-21 16:54pm
CPallini 26-Jun-21 5:13am
You are welcome.

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