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Hello everyone!

How can I convert this string to Int32?

ExampleCollection = new ObservableCollection<MyClass>();
ExampleCollection.Add(new LicenseHolder() { MyString1 = "StringName1" });
ExampleCollection.Add(new LicenseHolder() { MyString2 = "StringName2" });
ExampleCollection.Add(new LicenseHolder() { MyInt1 = "StringName3" });
= CS0029 Cannot implicitly convert type 'string' to 'int'

What I have tried:

I thought I had tried this, but apparently not:

LicenseHolders.Add(new LicenseHolder() 
    { MyInt = Convert.ToInt32("MyString" )});

(no squiggly).

But when I run the code, it gives me the following error:

System.FormatException: 'Input string was not in a correct format.'

I am trying to add items to an ObservableCollection instance. How can I rectify this?
Updated 23-Jun-21 22:41pm
Peter_in_2780 23-Jun-21 20:17pm    
You are trying to convert the string "IntName1" to an Int32?? What Int32 result do you expect?
Flidrip 24-Jun-21 2:01am    
Typos -- fixed.

I would like to recommend this article: How to convert string to int in C#?[^]

The safest method of converting a string to e.g. an int is the

You can only convert strings to numeric values if they represent a number e.g. "1234".
"abc1234" for example cannot be converted to a number.
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You are still trying to convert a string of alphabetic characters to an integer.
LicenseHolders.Add(new LicenseHolder() 
    { MyInt = Convert.ToInt32("MyString" )});

What numeric value do you expect to get from "MyString"?

Also, do not use Convert, as it crashes your app, use TryParse so you can catch the bad inputs.
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