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            -<UTILITYTYPE CODE="1">
            <G2>27-05-2021 01:25:49</G2>

Here I want to read value of <g1> tag i.e. 04220040 from many files.


What I have tried:

XmlDocument infodoc = new XmlDocument();
            IEnumerable<XElement> direclty = infodoc.GetElementsByTagName("Settings").Elements("directory");
            var rosterUserIds = direclty.Select(r => r.Value);

Can you please suggest what error am i making or a better way to get the value of <g1> tag.
Updated 24-Jun-21 1:38am
Maciej Los 24-Jun-21 6:32am    
An attribute 'value' does not exist!
var rosterUserIds = direclty.Select(r => r.Value).SingleOrDefault()
Himansh jain 24-Jun-21 6:39am    
still it is not working...what to do?

1 solution

Another way is to use XDocument[^]:

XDocument xdoc = XDocument.Load("full_file_name_here");
var uid = xdoc.Descendants("G1").First()?.Value;
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Himansh jain 24-Jun-21 6:53am    
thank you for your solution . Could you please tell where I can study about "Descendants("G1").First()?.Value" usage...i was going through documentation but could not find it .
Maciej Los 24-Jun-21 6:56am    
This part of code, which uses "First" is called Linq to xml. See: Overview - LINQ to XML | Microsoft Docs[^]
Himansh jain 24-Jun-21 7:42am    
thank you:)
Maciej Los 24-Jun-21 7:44am    
You're very welcome.

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