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I have a Javascript module called out.js
export default function out(str) {
  //Some Code

I ran the webpack bundler and created a bundle.js file.
And now I am Importing it to my index.html using a <script> tag.
<!DOCTYPE html>
  <head><script defer src="bundle.js"></script></head>

I get this error.
index.html:6 Uncaught ReferenceError: out is not defined

What I have tried:

I have tried named exports as well as default exports for the out.js, still I get the same error.
Updated 24-Jun-21 22:23pm

1 solution

It's likely you could be getting this error because your body > script tags are being processed before the entire document has had the chance to load it's required resources, especially since you've added the defer attribute (which tells a script not to execute until the page has been completely parsed).

You need to add proper document state processing to ensure that any JS built into the page isn't run until the document is ready:
function onLoaded(fn) {
  if (document.readyState == 'complete' || document.readyState == 'interactive')
    setTimeout(fn, 1);
    document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', fn);

onLoaded(function () {

Alternatively you could consider putting the JS in another JS file and include it in the page after the bundle.js file. Also, fair credit to this StackOverflow answer[^] for the basis of this answer.
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Manan Sharma 2021 25-Jun-21 12:18pm    
Hey, thanks for the answer. I don't need the function to be called as soon as the page loads, instead, I want it to be fired on any particular event. Can you help with that?

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