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How to call all async all once in parallel method ?
 public static async Task resendAll()
// how to call the below two function in parallel async method ?
public static async Task rePostRoomReservation( )

public static async Task rePostHallReservation()


What I have tried:

List<string> functionName = List<string>();
foreach (string name in functionName )
await Task.WhenAll ()
Updated 27-Jun-21 22:40pm
Kenneth Haugland 26-Jun-21 9:32am
Ill take that back, you just need some new Task items, and start them in succession
Member 14921707 26-Jun-21 10:44am
show me in code, please
Gerry Schmitz 26-Jun-21 12:38pm
You have to different functions; 2 async calls. Trying to apply a generic parallel pattern in this case is mostly pointless.
Member 14921707 27-Jun-21 1:37am
instead of calling all method one by one like
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await rePostRoomReservation();
 await rePostHallReservation();

There is method for Execution parallel not one by one, for fast execution.

1 solution

Simple - don't await the tasks as you create them; store them, and await the result of a Task.WhenAll call instead:
Task roomReservationTask = rePostRoomReservation();
Task hallReservationTask = rePostHallReservation();
await Task.WhenAll(roomReservationTask, hallReservationTask);
Task.WhenAll Method (System.Threading.Tasks) | Microsoft Docs[^]

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