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If possible, to write a Macro that will search for a prefix "SRS" in a WORD table and copy the prefix "SRS" with the number (SRS-1667) and the Section number with Name (1.1 Patient Search) in a table created at the end of the document?

The section in WORD
1.1 Patient Search
-------------------------------| SRS1667 |
1.2 Patient Delete
-------------------------------| SRS1668 |

The end results will look like this in a table

1.		     SRS-1667        Patient Search
2.		     SRS-1668        Patient Delete

What I have tried:

I do not know where to start. 123456789
Updated 28-Jun-21 21:31pm

You can use objects like
- Tables Interface (Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word) | Microsoft Docs[^]
- Rows.Item[Int32] Property (Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word) | Microsoft Docs[^]
- Cell Interface (Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word) | Microsoft Docs[^]
- and so on...

So something like
Dim lastTable As Table
Dim row As row

Set lastTable = ActiveDocument.Tables(ActiveDocument.Tables.Count)

For Each row In lastTable.Rows
   If Left(row.Cells(2).Range.Text, 3) = "SRS" Then
      MsgBox "Found " & row.Cells(2).Range.Text
   End If
Next row

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