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I am trying to apply the Bootstrap method of
to a node list of elements but I'm facing an issue in console.log: (Uncaught TypeError: findEl[i].collapse is not a function).

Since I have a node list, I tried a loop to iterate over them but it does not seem the proper way of doing it.

What would be the best approach to apply correctly the bootstrap method?

What I have tried:

I tried this loop to iterate over elements
<pre lang="Javascript">
let findEl = document.querySelectorAll('.someClass');
            let i;
            for (i = 0; i < findEl.length; i++) {
Updated 28-Jun-21 23:28pm

1 solution

You're getting this error because Bootstrap has a dependency on jQuery, which is where it's defining the collapse() method. This is included in the Bootstrap documentation[^]. If you want to call collapse() then you might want to use the selector instead:
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User 15221028 29-Jun-21 5:34am    
Hello Chris and thanks for you answer!
If the code is written in JavaScript, is there a way to obtain the same thing as in jQuery?
Richard Deeming 29-Jun-21 5:35am    
NB: This is true for Bootstrap 4 and below, but no longer the case for Bootstrap 5:
Bootstrap 5 | Bootstrap Blog[^]
User 15221028 29-Jun-21 5:37am    
Unfortunately I have to use an older Bootstrap version.
Is there a solution for using JavaScript instead of jQuery to apply method .collapse('show')?
Richard Deeming 29-Jun-21 5:43am    
Not for BS4 or earlier - you'd have to re-implement the functionality in your own pure Javascript method.
User 15221028 29-Jun-21 5:48am    
Thanks a lot for your support!

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