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Is it possible to write a concept which requires a class type have a particular templated method as below?
struct struct_a
	template<typename T> void foobar(T&) {}

template<typename T> requires templated_foobar<T> // how to write this concept?
struct struct_b { }

int main()
	struct_b<struct_a> b;

What I have tried:

template<typename T>
concept templated_foobar = requires (T t) { t.foobar(); }; // requirement not met
template<typename T>
concept templated_foobar = requires (T t) { template<typename U> t.foobar(U); }; // syntax error
Updated 5-Jul-21 4:28am

The page mentioned above links to this[^], which covers the details. Sorry I can't help beyond that, because I don't use constraints.

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