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I want to remove the single string and want to keep string with minimum length 3 and above i tried to access string with this if(result.string >= 3) but it is giving array length so i tried to access string but i cant. so please anybody who can help me

What I have tried:

let stringCombinations = (str) => {
    let strLength = str.length;
    let result = [];
    let currentIndex = 0;
    while (currentIndex < strLength) {
      let char = str.charAt(currentIndex);
      let x;
      let arrTemp = [char];
      for (x in result) {
        arrTemp.push("" + result[x] + char);
      result = result.concat(arrTemp);
    return result;

This is my ouput
output: (31) ["B", "L", "BL", "A", "BA", "LA", "BLA", "D", "BD", "LD", "BLD", "AD", "BAD", "LAD", "BLAD", "E", "BE", "LE", "BLE", "AE", "BAE", "LAE", "BLAE", "DE", "BDE", "LDE", "BLDE", "ADE", "BADE", "LADE", "BLADE"]

This is what I want
["BLA", "BLD", "BAD", "LAD", "BLAD", "BLE", "BAE", "LAE", "BLAE", "BDE", "LDE", "BLDE", "ADE", "BADE", "LADE", "BLADE"]"
Updated 6-Jul-21 0:27am
Patrice T 5-Jul-21 15:28pm
And you have a question or a problem ?
Happy kaul 5-Jul-21 15:34pm
Patrice T 5-Jul-21 16:12pm
And you plan to describe them ?
Richard MacCutchan 6-Jul-21 3:37am
What is the structure of the input data?
Happy kaul 6-Jul-21 3:40am
Input is "blaze"

But you can put any input. it will give combination of that word but with length minimum of 3 and can be more than 3
Richard MacCutchan 6-Jul-21 7:21am
How do you get "BLD", "BAD", "LAD", "BLAD" etc. from "BLAZE"?

I don't know Javascript but have a sense of what your code is doing. You're finding all combinations except for the empty string, which is a good start. But I see nothing in your code that filters out combinations of less than 3 letters. It looks like you build on such combinations, so it would probably be easiest to fix the code by removing them before you return result.
Replace your
return result;
return result.filter(x => x.length >= 3);
Because the way you generate the combinations, you can't filter short combinations earlier.


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