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here is the file that it is getting all the errors
if you have any questions about the project ask so i can help you help me
or just look through the rest of the project
ive wasted 12 hours so far on this and i am new to coding so i would really appreciate it
here is the compiler errors im getting

here is a ss of the output

What I have tried:

i have tried rebuilding the resources.resx
Updated 6-Jul-21 4:39am

1 solution

Look at your error messages: they are very clear.
YOu code is attempting to declare classes that already exist.
The namespace "Stealer" has two classes called "FormUpload" and so forth - you can't have that.
Either one set must be in a different namespace so the system can resolve which version you mean each time you try to use it, one of them needs a different name, or you need to combine them into a single class.

It's also possible that neither of them is marked as partial which would allow a class to be defined in multiple files.
col bur (solder fumes.cs) 6-Jul-21 10:39am
@originalgriffbut it has to be in the namespace for the other files I’m trying to compile to use it as a reference , and I have already tried renaming the namespace stealer to stealer1 and formupload to formupload2 and I get the same error
Dave Kreskowiak 6-Jul-21 11:31am
Well, you missed something.
OriginalGriff 6-Jul-21 11:47am
The problem with renaming things is that it changes all instances - so if you have a duplicate before you do that, you still have a duplicate afterwards ...

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