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Imagine we want to do some matrix assembly with defining operator overloading. node_0,node_1,and node_2 are coming from the connectivity matrix which is n_element*4.
I've already defined the summation operator (matrix+ scalar) and summation operator (matrix+matrix) but in does not work properly in this case and I'm not sure how to define the proper overloading operator for this. I would be grateful if you could help me with this.

What I have tried:

for (int i=0;i<n_element;i++)

		int node_0=((connectivity[i].Node_0 - 1));
		int node_1=((connectivity[i].Node_1 - 1));
		int node_2=((connectivity[i].Node_2 - 1));

		 NN[node_0][node_0]  = NN[node_0][node_0]  + NN_e[0][0];
		 NN[node_0][node_1]  = NN[node_0][node_1]  + NN_e[0][1];
		 NN[node_0][node_2]  = NN[node_0][node_2]  + NN_e[0][2];
		 NN[node_1][node_0]  = NN[node_1][node_0]  + NN_e[1][0];
		 NN[node_1][node_1]  = NN[node_1][node_1]  + NN_e[1][1];
		 NN[node_1][node_2]  = NN[node_1][node_2]  + NN_e[1][2];
		 NN[node_2][node_0]  = NN[node_2][node_0]  + NN_e[2][0];
		 NN[node_2][node_1]  = NN[node_2][node_1]  + NN_e[2][1];
		 NN[node_2][node_2]  = NN[node_2][node_2]  + NN_e[2][2];

Updated 6-Jul-21 11:15am
jeron1 6-Jul-21 11:56am    
Does this even compile? The variables (node_0, node_1, node_2) created in the first for loop are out of scope by the time they are used in the second for loop.
Richard MacCutchan 6-Jul-21 12:21pm    
Maybe if you showed us the matrix code you already have, it would help us to understand the rest. What you have posted above gives very little useful information
Stefan_Lang 7-Jul-21 5:19am    
If you could implement an operator for adding a scalar, then I don't get what is your problem? You should show the code you have for operator+({scalar type}), and the code you tried for operator+=({element type}). Then we have a chance to find and point out your problem.

Posting the code that you want to use that operator in doesn't tell us anything.

1 solution

That code is ... pretty poor. Not only will it not compile as Jeron1 has said, even if it did it couldn't work as the first loop is irrelevant: the values in node_n will always be the last elements in the connectivity array since you overwrite the value each time round the loop.

The same thing then happens with the second loop!

Forget trying to define operators; get your code right first or you are just wasting your time!
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OriginalGriff 6-Jul-21 12:30pm    
So if that's just "a piece of code" what have you tried to actually do the work?
jeron1 6-Jul-21 12:31pm    
Update the original post with any changes.
Richard MacCutchan 6-Jul-21 15:32pm    
Use copy and paste so you get the exact same text as on your system.

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