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Looking for some help with the following.
Need to get a file list of all files in a folder.
Use part of the file name to look for an entry in a MySQL tablet.

What I have tried:

The below code will get me the file names but I am not sure how to store this in memory and then look at the table to find a match.
// Get a list of all subdirectories
         var files = from file in
                     select file;
         Console.WriteLine("Files: {0}", files.Count<string>().ToString());
         Console.WriteLine("List of Files");
         foreach (var file in files)
             Console.WriteLine("{0}", file);
Updated 7-Jul-21 21:27pm
Richard MacCutchan 7-Jul-21 12:34pm
The LINQ code returns a list of the files as you requested. So what part of the MySQL code are you having problems with?
MIDCOPC 7-Jul-21 17:14pm
I don't know where to start. I have the file list going to the console but I need save it in memory then search the table to see if any file names match records in the table.
Richard MacCutchan 8-Jul-21 4:02am
Look at PIEBALDconsult's suggestion below.
PIEBALDconsult 7-Jul-21 13:09pm
If you need the list in memory (which you don't), then don't use EnumerateFiles; use GetFiles.

1 solution

MIDCOPC 8-Jul-21 19:53pm
Thank you. After reading this I was able to get what I needed.
Maciej Los 9-Jul-21 2:07am


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