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Hi Everyone,
I am working since last 6 to 7 years in windows application. Now I want to move in web , I just want to confirm so I need to learn Asp webforms first and then move to core or I can directly start with Core.

Rajbir Singh

What I have tried:

I have tried with tutorial on you tube for and trying crud operation. But still not getting confidence that I can work on it.
Updated 9-Jul-21 11:03am

I'd suggest to read this: Choose between ASP.NET 4.x and ASP.NET Core | Microsoft Docs[^]. Then you'll able to answer your question which technology to learn first :)
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Don;t bother with "Youtube tutorials" - most of 'em are created by people who have no idea how to make a video, how to teach, or - in most cases - how to code either. :sigh:
There are good ones out there, probably - but they are hidden by the wealth of total cr@p.

When you start coding for the web instead of desktop, you are entering a whole new world - where the bulk of what you used to use to create an app has been either removed, or seriously changed! Heck, the whole paradigm has changed as you are now in a multiuser client / server environment instead of a single user "this machine is mine" way of working.

So ... treat it as a new "coding language" and get a book. Google will help: C# web development books - Google Search[^] and start reading. You'll be able to "bleep over" some of it (the C# basics stuff) but it'll introduce you to the new way of working, of thinking, in a structured way that means you don't miss important stuff out because YouTube didn't even tell you it existed ...
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No, you should not learn web forms anymore. ASP.Net Core is what you should spend your time learning. It's very different than web forms so learning web forms will just confuse you.
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Now I want to move in web

This tutorial site will introduce you to numerous technologies needed to work on web:
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials[^]
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