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i have a button inside the table what I'm trying to do is when the accept button is clicked, it will be deleted in the current table and will be transferred in another table. problem is that when i click the button it redirects to a page with 404 not found with a URL of "'name_of_action'"

blade view
@foreach($list as $reqlist)
<tr id="tr-studentappeal-coursegrade">
    <td id="td-studentappeal-coursegrade">{{$reqlist['transno']}}</td>
    <td id="td-studentappeal-coursegrade">{{$reqlist['student_number']}}</td>
    <td id="td-studentappeal-coursegrade">{{$reqlist['name']}}</td>
    <td id="td-studentappeal-coursegrade">{{$reqlist['email']}}</td>
    <td id="td-studentappeal-coursegrade">{{$reqlist['section']}}</td>
    <td id="td-studentappeal-coursegrade">{{$reqlist['program']}}</td>
    <td id="td-studentappeal-coursegrade">{{$reqlist['active_contact']}}</td>
    <td id="td-studentappeal-coursegrade">{{$reqlist['active_email']}}</td>
    <td id="td-studentappeal-coursegrade"><a href='evalstudap?id={{$reqlist['transno']}}'><input id="SA-CG-Evaluate" type="submit" value="Open"  name="Open"></a></td>

    <td id="td-studentappeal-coursegrade">
        <form action='accept' method='post'>
        <input id="SA-CG-Accept" type="submit" value="Accept" name='accept' value="{{ csrf_token() }}">

    <input id="SA-CG-Decline" type="submit" value="Decline" name='decline'></td>

    <td id="td-studentappeal-coursegrade"> <input id="start-consul" type="submit" name="View"></td>



function show() {

       $data = studapforms::all();
       return view('/studap/admin/reqlist-studentappeal', ['list' => $data]);

   public function accept(Request $request){

       $data = studapforms::all();
       return view('/studap/admin/reqlist-studentappeal', ['list' => $data]);

What I have tried:

i havent tried anything because this is all i know. please help me
My Jinji 12-Jul-21 5:31am    
forgot to add the web.php

Route::get('/studapreq', [StudApController::class, 'show']);
Route::any('/studapreq', [StudApController::class, 'accept']);
SeeSharp2 12-Jul-21 14:13pm    
It does not look like you have your forms setup properly.

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