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Actually , l have installed notepad ++ in Windows 10. And l was also successful in running my first java program in notepad ++ - "hello world". But one problem is there and this problem also occurred while running java in cmd. Even though l run my successful program in notepad  and notepad ++. But when l type this in notepad- class rudra {
                           public static void main (String [] args){
  int marks= 18; 
 System. out.println ("marks"); 
Then output comes marks but it should be 18. Why it comes so and the same problem occurred while running java in cmd also. Please help me 

What I have tried:

I am successfully able to run java programs in cmd and notepad ++ but that one isn't working.
Updated 13-Jul-21 0:35am

1 solution

Because that is exactly what you told it to do:
System.out.println ("marks");
prints a literal string: the word marks not the variable of the same name - in the same way that this code:
System.out.println ("Hello World");
prints the string Hello World
To print the variable's content, remove the double quotes:
System.out.println (marks);
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[no name] 13-Jul-21 5:38am    
Thank you so much. That's why l love codeproject. Once again thanks
OriginalGriff 13-Jul-21 5:43am    
You're welcome.

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