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how can I save the Items of a DataGrid to a text file.

I watched several Tutorials - where to start?

Inotifychange? updateSourceTrigger? rowcolumnEnding? CellColumnEnding?

When I edit a cell in a datagrid a ObservableCollection will not be updated
only when I trigger the Collection with update?

Any help?

What I have tried:

ObservableCollection<observ> GetData()
                using (var writer = new StreamWriter("text.txt"))
                    foreach (observ item in datagrid)

               return dglist;
Updated 15-Jul-21 4:04am
Richard Deeming 15-Jul-21 3:46am    
Your code seems to be very confused. What does returning an ObservableCollection have to do with writing text to a file? And where is the dglist variable defined?

1 solution

Bind the DataGrid to an ObservableCollection like in this example:
How to: Create and Bind to an ObservableCollection - WPF .NET Framework | Microsoft Docs[^]

And save the ObservableCollection like in the example here:
c# - Writing the contents of an ObservableCollection to a text file - Stack Overflow[^]
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