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I want to create a pdf of the current xamarin form. I used pdf sharp and itext7 to implement it but unable to do it.
but below code only capture the text of xamarin, not the image. i just want to save currently viewed xamarin form to pdf.
I am struggling with this for a few weeks.

What I have tried:

var pdf = PDFManager.GeneratePDFFromView(ss);
       string localFilename = Guid.NewGuid().ToString() + ".pdf";
       string path = Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.LocalApplicationData) + localFilename;
       DependencyService.Get<IPdfSave>().Save(pdf, localFilename);
       await Launcher.OpenAsync(new OpenFileRequest
           File = new ReadOnlyFile(path)
Gerry Schmitz 15-Jul-21 1:02am    
I guess it depends on what "ss" is pointing to. Or that you're not using Path.Combine. Or you're writing to a different file than reading. Or not.
Member 14192879 15-Jul-21 2:06am    
ss is the stacklayout's name
Member 14192879 15-Jul-21 2:08am    
my code is working well when I have the only labels but I add an image, it doesn't add an image to pdf and only convert text to pdf
Gerry Schmitz 17-Jul-21 13:13pm    
The layout of the visuals has to be in the "updated state" for actual Height and Width when capturing. Can't tell what state the visuals are in.

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