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I want a stored procedure that takes the following as an input
Name Mobile and email

I need to update the table with these new values.
Table fields are
Id Name Mobile email VerifyPhone VerifyEmail

However when updating i need to check if the new inserted phone number is the same as the old value.. If not then i need to set verifyPhone to false

Also i need to check the email value if it changed or not.. If it changed i will need to update verifyEmail to false

What I have tried:

How can i do it in a good way?
Normaly i would say
Declare @oldPhone nvarchar(10) 
Declare @oldEmail nvarchar(100)
Declare @verifyEmail bit =1
Declare @verifyPhone bit =1

Select @oldPhone =phone, @oldEmail =email from table1where Id=@Id
If(@oldEmail = @email)
@VerifyEmail =0

If(@oldPhone = @phone)
@VerifyPhone =0

Update table1 set name=@name,phone=@phone, email =@email,verifyEmail =@verifyemail,verifyphone=@verifyPhone where table1.Id =@Id

Can i do this in one select statement or in a better way?
Updated 14-Jul-21 22:20pm

1 solution

    Name = @Name,
    Phone = @Phone,
    Email = @Email,
    VerifyPhone = CASE WHEN Phone = @Phone THEN VerifyPhone ELSE 0 END,
    VerifyEmail = CASE WHEN Email = @Email THEN VerifyEmail ELSE 0 END
    Id = @Id
NB: You don't want to set the Verify* columns to 1 if the values are the same, in case the existing values haven't been verified yet. Otherwise a user can skip your verification process entirely by simply updating their details without changing them.

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