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How to have 3 conditions in if statement?

What I have tried:

I tried writing && two times but didn't worked.
Updated 20-Jul-21 1:37am
Richard MacCutchan 20-Jul-21 7:31am
if (X && Y && Z)
if (X || Y || Z)


Go and read the documentation: it is all there, neatly laid out and clearly explained, especially for new programmers who are trying to learn. But maybe you are not trying to learn.

Oh come on! Are you actually trying to not learn anything? Because your question history would definitely support that theory!

if ( a > b && c > d && e > f) {
I tried writing && two times but didn't worked.

Reread your question, you have been very careful to give no information on your problem.
Since the usage heavily depend on how you want to combine conditions, it gets difficult to tell without source code.
You forgot to show the code for condition and you forgot to tell how the 3 conditions are supposed to work together. && is only 1 of the operators to combine conditions.

For more information you need to read the documentation and/or follow some tutorial.
Java Tutorial[^]

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