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I am new to programming and javascript.
I am struggling to understand how to make this code print out all the strings that are longer in the array.

I want to write a function that takes in an array of strings and then prints out the longest one

for example: longestWord(["the","fresh","green", "dog", "chased", "my", "chickens"])

should print: chickens

And If there are multiple longest strings then print them all in a different line.

for example: longestWord(["what", "about", "elephants", "and", "a", "crocodile"])

should print:

What I have tried:

let array = ["Lions", "are", "incredibly", "elephant", "orange", "genuinelys"];

let sorted = array.sort(function (a, b){
     return b.length - a.length;


//This prints out only "incredibly"
Updated 10-Aug-21 10:22am

It prints only "incredibly" because that is what you - or the author of that code at least - told it to do:

If you want it to pint more than one word, you need to tell it to print them, either by adding more lines:
console.log(sorted[sorted.length - 1]);
Or by using a loop.
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Just add two lines:
sortedAll = sorted
 Result - (6) ["incredibly", "genuinelys", "elephant", "orange", "Lions", "are"]
sorted[5] will give you the 6th element of your array - the shortest.
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