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PHP and Classic ASP are server-side scripting languages. What is wrong with having a website written in this instead of the trendy JavaScript Frameworks like React, Angular etc.? If memory serves me correctly, there is an issue with security where you can post in a text box some script and hack into a system.

Can we please discuss some pitfalls or drawbacks to having a website written entirely in PHP or ASP? What does a JavaScript framework or Node.js bring to the table that would otherwise be lacking?

What I have tried:

I am just now venturing into a contract where I am tasked with updating and maintaining existing code. All I know right now is that it is written in PHP and Classic ASP. I am in the process of investigating these scripting languages and I want to know what the opinion of other developers are.
Updated 29-Jul-21 7:51am
Richard MacCutchan 23-Jul-21 15:04pm
"What is wrong with having a website written in this"
Nothing at all.

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ALL of my websites are only written using "classic" PHP and JavaScript. This includes an infrastructure that underpins the majority of activity for a 500-employee company.

I keep away from the various frameworks - code-candy of the week - and don't have to worry about it going out of style. For the most part, these are just wrappers around the original language.

But as "wrappers", you are stuck with their functionality and syntax nuances which means if you change you are now stuck with the problem of replacing all such references with whatever your new "latest and greatest" framework demands.

You may also note that the classic PHP and JavaScript continue to work in their presence - in other words they are reliably supported.

Your own library of functionality will grow - it's yours to do what you wish with as your needs change and it goes wherever you care to copy you (very own) support files. You do some up-front work, as needed - done correctly, only once.
"You don't need no stinkin' frameworks".

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