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what is SHA-3 encryption. please give example on coding.

What I have tried:

i have searched the net but no use on coding
from your site i got example of CHF and SHA 1 and 2
Updated 24-Jul-21 4:53am

Please make use of Google for your searches: sha-3 encryption - Google Search[^]
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Member 12712527 24-Jul-21 8:55am     CRLF
Sir what i have said earlier in the previous question that idea now learnt as hashing . very good boy
Richard MacCutchan 24-Jul-21 9:03am    
what is SHA-3 encryption.

First thing, SHA3 is not encryption, it is hashing.
i have searched the net but no use on coding

You need to learn how to search internet and use search engines.
A simple Google sha3 gives 260,000,000 answers and you found nothing interesting.

Beware, your questions are written in such a way that you say you are unable to perform the most basic search yourself, one can start to think programming is an activity too smart for you.
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SHA is not encryption, as Patrice has said.
It's a Hashing algorithm, and there is a very big difference between the two algorithm types: one can be decrypted to return the original input, and the other can't.
This may help you understand: Decrypting MD5 and SHA: Why You Can't Do It[^]

If you want to use SHA-3 hashing in C#, you will need to use an external package - it isn't implemented in .NET yet: NuGet Gallery | SHA3.Net 1.3.0[^]
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