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I would like to obtain the value 100 (from the displayed "100 meters" which appears on the webpage below)
from these related/sibling div tags/nodes:

<div class="parameter">
  <div class="parameter-value"> 100 </div>
  <div class="parameter-measure-unit"> meters </div>

This means:

1. Uniquely identify the 2nd child div with parameter-measure-unit

2. Uniquely identify its sibling / sister div with parameter-value (as the first child div)

3. Extract the text ("100") from this sibling div.

What I have tried:

I'm still researching between CSS and jQuery selectors.
The ::text selector is deprecated.

I would consider XPaths as well.
Updated 28-Jul-21 7:37am
SeeSharp2 26-Jul-21 10:15am    
Here is the list of jquery selectors. There are a lot.
s_qa 12-Aug-21 6:35am    
Please remove this comment.
Finding documentation is a prerequisite for asking a question.
I've been there on that link.
SeeSharp2 12-Aug-21 7:01am    
Well, that link has your answer so why are you asking us for help if you've already seen that link? You have to use a combination of selectors and those are all the available selectors. Pick the right one.

1 solution

It's not entirely clear what you're trying to do.

If you're starting from the <div class="parameter-measure-unit"> and want to get the <div class="parameter-value">, all you need to do is:
let $unitDiv = ...;
let $valueDiv = $unitDiv.closest(".parameter").find(".parameter-value");
.closest() | jQuery API Documentation[^]
.find() | jQuery API Documentation[^]

Or alternatively:
let $valueDiv = $unitDiv.prevAll(".parameter-value");
.prevAll() | jQuery API Documentation[^]

If you're starting from the <div class="parameter">, you can get both children with:
let $parameterDiv = ...;
let $valueDiv = $parameterDiv.find(".parameter-value");
let $unitDiv = $parameterDiv.find(".parameter-measure-unit");
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s_qa 12-Aug-21 6:38am    
I think it is, because you solution tends towards the answer to what I was trying to do.
However, please try to use only selectors (advanced ones) and no JS code.

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