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This code should take 3 decimal places from the user and in the binary file
Write then read it, but it does not save anything in the file and does not give errors
What is the problem with writing to a file?

What I have tried:

using namespace std;

int main()
 float num;
 streampos size;
 fstream outputFile;
 char* mem;
 //write from file"output.bin", ios::out | ios::app|ios::binary);
 for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++)
 cout << "Enter float number : ";
 cin >> num;
 cout << endl;
 outputFile.write(mem,size );
 //read from file"output.bin", ios::ate | ios::binary);
      char* mem=new char [size ];
 return 0;
Updated 26-Jul-21 10:05am
Greg Utas 27-Jul-21 18:19pm
Also see the comment below my post.

1 solution

If you read your code closely, you would see that you read from cin into num but write some totally unrelated thing (mem) to the file.
merano99 27-Jul-21 18:10pm
You should add ios :: in as you read., ios::in | ios::ate | ios::binary);
Greg Utas 27-Jul-21 18:21pm
Good point, so I told OP about it in a comment above.

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