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why cout and cin are being passed as reference objects while overloading insertion and extraction operators?

What I have tried:

I overloaded insertion and extraction operator but in my places it is mentioned to pass it as reference.Just wanted to know why so?
Updated 29-Jul-21 18:57pm

They are streams, so you want to pass them by reference & not by value. Otherwise, you make their shallow copies that don't update their original internal pointers anymore.
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To add to what Code Fan has said, have a look at this: Using struct and class - what's that all about?[^]
It's about C#, where a class is a Reference Type and a struct is a Value Type but it explains why they are different and that applies in C++ as well.
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Code Fan 30-Jul-21 1:28am    
C++ is different, with struct declaring public members by default & class private members by default. Other than that, struct & class are exactly the same in C++.
OriginalGriff 30-Jul-21 1:53am    
Yes I know - that's why I said about the C# difference. But ethe effect of Reference and Value types is the same in both.

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