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I am building a JSF Maven project in which i need to change some html properties dynamically like rendered etc through javascript. I have so far tried following functional examples which are working for style and readOnly clauses but for rendered, javascript function show "undefined"

What I have tried:

function visibleInVisible(ctrl, visible) {
    try {
        var c = document.getElementById(ctrl).rendered;
        alert(ctrl + ", " + c);
        c = document.getElementById(ctrl).style;
        alert(ctrl + ", " + c);
//        document.getElementById(ctrl).style.display = 'none';
//        document.getElementById(ctrl).readOnly = true;
//        document.getElementById(ctrl).render = false;
    catch (err) {
        alert('Error ! ' + err.message);

would any body help me suggesting a way to accomplish the task.
Updated 30-Jul-21 0:38am

1 solution

rendered isn't a valid attribute for a HTML element, check the Element - Web APIs | MDN[^] documentation page.

If this is a custom attribute then you should probably prefix it with data- to indicate that it shouldn't be considered an actual DOM attribute, but a transient one. I also found this StackOverflow link[^] which indicates some attributes may be server-side and stripped before they reach the browser, in which case you wouldn't be able to access the attribute at all.

If you want to use the data- approach then you can add an attribute called data-rendered="value" and then access it using the getAttribute() method:
const element = document.getElementById('..');

// check if the attribute exists
if (element.hasAttribute('data-rendered'))
  // get the attribute
  const rendered = element.getAttribute('data-rendered');
  // set the attribute
  element.setAttribute('data-rendered', 'value');
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