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I'm trying to read an excel file in blazor. It goes well as long as I have direct path to the file "FilePath", which can be seen in the code below. But I need to drop it and open the file directly from the InputFile button so I can open any excel file. Is it possible? Can anyone help?

What I have tried:

public List<Order> ReadExcel()
            List<Order> orders = new List<Order>();
            string FilePath = "C:/Users/Medarbejder 2/Desktop/Ny mappe/Benny/Posteringer2.xlsx";
            FileInfo existingFile = new FileInfo(FilePath);
            ExcelPackage.LicenseContext = LicenseContext.NonCommercial;

            using (ExcelPackage package = new ExcelPackage(existingFile))
                ExcelWorksheet worksheet = package.Workbook.Worksheets.FirstOrDefault();
                int colCount = worksheet.Dimension.End.Column;
                int rowCount = worksheet.Dimension.End.Row;

                for (int row = 1; row <= rowCount; row++)
                    Order order = new Order();
                    for (int col = 1; col <= colCount; col++)
                        if (col == 1) order.Kontonummer = Convert.ToInt32(worksheet.Cells[row, col].Value.ToString());
                        else if (col == 2) order.Navn = worksheet.Cells[row, col].Value.ToString();
                        else if (col == 3) order.Type = worksheet.Cells[row, col].Value.ToString();
                        else if (col == 4) order.Moms = worksheet.Cells[row, col].Value.ToString();
            return orders;

protected void ReadExcel()
        orders = data.ReadExcel();
Updated 1-Aug-21 8:47am

1 solution

Have you tried this Microsoft tutorial (ASP.NET Core Blazor file uploads | Microsoft Docs[^])? If you still can't make it work, please let me know.

Blazor is a new Microsoft solution to replace the old Web Forms & Knockout, both officially retired. Knockout did not live long, about 2-3 years only, dying in its infancy. I don't know if Blazor will follow Knockout due to its poor & non-mainstream design. If you have a choice, making a tiny framework on top of ASP.Net is a better way to go, well, assuming you'll have to maintain the code or manage the project for the next 10 years.

Another popular way is to use Angular/AngularJS, React or Vue as the frontend & raw ASP.Net web services as its backend. Even Microsoft web service frameworks retire too fast.
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Member 14085040 1-Aug-21 14:54pm    
@Code Fan. Thanks for your reply. I have tried Microsoft tutorial but it does not work!
Code Fan 1-Aug-21 15:55pm    
May you update your code?
Member 14085040 1-Aug-21 16:43pm    
Yes I did.

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