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how to increment the field value by 1 everytime we run the script in seleniumn java>

What I have tried:

I have a field where the field value needs to be unique so i need to increment by 1 everytime i run the script can some one pls give inputs
Updated 1-Aug-21 21:59pm

1 solution

You need to save the value and reload it each time the code runs. See Properties (Java Platform SE 7 )[^] for one way to do it.
Member 15289910 2-Aug-21 4:17am
thanks for the response there any other way which is easier
Richard MacCutchan 2-Aug-21 4:28am
Well you could just store it in a simple text file. But whatever you choose, you have to save the value somewhere external to your application. And writing it to disk is the best choice.

But since I have no idea what your application is doing it is impossible to suggest any alternative.
Member 15289910 2-Aug-21 4:33am
In my application there are 2 fields which need to have unique value.So i enter all the values in the screen and save and then next time when the script runs the two fields need to have unique value.For now what i have thought is to take a list of webelement of both the fields and then increment the value by 1 .... but incrementing part is where the confusion there any other link which you know i could refer to get easier solution
Richard MacCutchan 2-Aug-21 4:36am
Sorry, I do not really understand what actual problem you are trying to solve. What are these values being used for and why?
Member 15289910 2-Aug-21 6:52am
iAM automating an applicaiton . I have a Add Screen where i need to add the Values and in that screen there are 2 fields where the values that needs to be entered should be unique. So in this Case when i run the script everytime i need to enter unique values for those 2 fields.This is the test case and wanted to KNow how to iterate the loop to get a unique value each time i run the script.Hope iam clear
Richard MacCutchan 2-Aug-21 6:55am
"when i run the script everytime i need to enter unique values for those 2 fields"
OK, but what are these values then used for, and why must they be unique?
Member 15289910 3-Aug-21 1:26am
these values are then used in another screen and hence it needs to be unique.So sum it up:
Screen1 : Enter all the inputs which includes the values for the unique fields
and save the values
Screen2 : I navigate to this screen and select the field which has unique value.
So everytime i make a selection of the field in this screen the value should be unique which comes from Screen 1 hope iam clear

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