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I am currently on a project where I am adding an app.config to a company's c# projects. Basic process followed to accomplish:
> Copy entire solution and all sub-folders to new directory.
> Change some custom dlls to new references
> Resolve compilation errors
> launch the app
NOTE: No logic or screen layouts were explicitly changed.

When I navigate to a gui in the new app that has a datetimepicker, the calendar looks different. Reference attached pics.

The old one looks like calendar object on this page
The new project's calendars look like the one in this article

What I have tried:

I have tried to change the target framework on the new project to newer/older frameworks.

I have even copy and pasted the source file again into the new project and change basically nothing.

I also tried to copy the guiname.designer.cs & guiname.resx files only (not the guiname.cs file) which means I did not change the design AT ALL. Still same incorrect calendar is displayed.

I dropped and RE-add the System.Windows.Forms reference.

I have also performed SEVERAL google searches with combinations of (DateTimePicker, Display, looks different, etc. with no luck)

Thanks in advance for any assistance!
Updated 2-Aug-21 22:12pm
Richard MacCutchan 3-Aug-21 3:41am
The 'new' version is actually the older one. You need to check your application is set to use the latest version of .NET.
Richard Deeming 3-Aug-21 4:03am
At a guess, either one version is missing an application manifest, or one version is missing the Application.EnableVisualStyles[^] call from the entry-point.
KYTrailer 3-Aug-21 7:03am
THANK YOU!!! Richard. That resolved my issue! Very much appreciated!

1 solution

I just checked this and you need to ensure the following statement is in your Main method of Program.cs:

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