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First of all I am sorry for my language grammar because my first language is Persian (Iran).
I want to display rows whose value is set by the user
Look at this image:

Suppose I want to display rows that have the same values in the LastName, NumberOfBooksBorrowed, and LoanDate rows (by user input as shown below).

Note: I can get information from Access (2007) via the following code but i can not display it in DataGrid.

What I have tried:

OleDbCommand OleDCmd = new OleDbCommand("Select * From MemberTable Where LastName='" +
LastName_TextBox.Text.Trim() + "'And NumberOfBooksBorrowed='" +
NumberOfBooksBorrowed_TextBox.Text.Trim() + "'And LoanDate='"+LoanDate_TextBox.Text.Trim()+ "'",
OleDCmd.CommandType = System.Data.CommandType.Text;
OleDbDataReader DataReader = OleDCmd.ExecuteReader();
while (DataReader.Read())
  //Like this
  //MemberDataGrid.Rows[0] = DataReader[All].ToString();

Updated 7-Aug-21 8:32am

1 solution

Rather than requerying the DB, use a DataView as the DataSource for the DataGridView instead of the DataTable or other collection, and set the DataSource of that to all the rows.

You can then use the DataView.RowFilter[^] to filter to the user input. And it's quick, too!

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