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findwindow: I said findwindow a find VALORANT window, but even anywhere it triggers events under findwindow, I want it to run only in VALORANT window

What I have tried:

int hwnd = FindWindow("VALORANT", null);

but work any window
Updated 17-Aug-21 3:55am
Maciej Los 17-Aug-21 9:01am
Do you want to find a window of your apllication? If yes, then you have to loop through the collection of Application.OpenForms Property (System.Windows.Forms) | Microsoft Docs[^]

1 solution

You're not checking the value returned from FindWindow, which could be 0 if the window was not found.

Also, FindWindow returns a handle, which needs to be declared as IntPtr, not int. So I suspect your P/Invoke declarations are wrong.
Maciej Los 17-Aug-21 8:58am
Muhammed Yeter 17-Aug-21 9:09am
yes not find the window , but window already open , why not find window?? (sry, i not know winform and fnidwindow)
Richard Deeming 17-Aug-21 9:11am
As I said, your P/Invoke declarations are wrong.

Beyond that, we have no way of telling. Are you sure the window class name is "VALORANT", and you're not looking for the window title instead?
Muhammed Yeter 17-Aug-21 9:20am
yes i want find the window title "VALORANT", but not find i test this,; and messagebox says 0 :(
Richard Deeming 17-Aug-21 9:23am
Well there's your problem then!

The first parameter to FindWindow is the class name. If you want to find the window by title, swap the parameters around:
IntPtr hwnd = FindWindow(null, "VALORANT");

FindWindowA function (winuser.h) - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs[^]

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