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In the HTML, CSS and JS (Javascript) course I am learning on Udemy there is a video about SASS or SCSS. In this video the person creates 2 folders called "dist" and "css" one inside the other and they do not group up. When I do the same thing they group up. I do not know why this is and how to cure the issue. Please explain what I need to do. Thank you!

What I have tried:

I have gone into the settings of VS Code and seen that there is nothing I can do there.
Updated 27-Aug-21 7:43am
Richard Deeming 27-Aug-21 5:23am    
You need to explain what you mean by "group up".
J R Aug2021 27-Aug-21 5:46am    
What I mean by "group up" is that when I create the folders it groups them like this: dist / css. In the video it is like this: dist and then underneath css, it does not group together.
Richard MacCutchan 27-Aug-21 6:24am    
If you created them then you are responsible for where they are positioned. But we still do not have nearly enough information. Explain how you create them, and provide a proper directory listing.

1 solution

Either you didn't do something exactly like in the video or you're going to have to ask Udemy.

Since we can't see the secret code you typed in, there's little else anyone can tell you.
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J R Aug2021 30-Aug-21 5:13am    
I guess you are right but the creator of the coruse does not accept questions about VS Code, only about the code itself...
Dave Kreskowiak 30-Aug-21 8:43am    
Are you saying the "folders" you're talking about are in VS Code and not in the app you are writing?

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