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I used AForge to detect the webcam and obtained the real-time captured video but i want to use that real-time video in another form such that I can use the webcam i detected in the form1 in form2. I found a lot of pictureBox data transfer examples but none of them was the real-time data. And i used C# Tutorial - How to use Webcam in C# | FoxLearn - YouTube[^] video to open the webcam. How can i achieve that?

What I have tried:

I tried to transfer pictureboxes but it didn't work.
Updated 31-Aug-21 23:48pm
Maciej Los 1-Sep-21 5:36am
It's bad idea to grab video and display it on the same time on 2 forms. It would be very, very resource consuming job.

1 solution

Please, read my comment to the question first.

If you would like to exchange data between form "on the fly", i'd suggest to read OriginalGriff's excellent articles/tips:
Transferring information between two forms, Part 1: Parent to Child[^]
Transferring information between two forms, Part 2: Child to Parent[^]
Transferring information between two forms, Part 3: Child to Child[^]

Here is an implementation: Run a time counter on form1 and form2 C# winforms[^]

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