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I am trying to create sp for grid paging and I am using CTE,

my CTE query is ,

with cte as
(select .......)
select * from cte

this query takes 250ms to execute,

but when I am adding the count() for counting the cte query record it is taking about 700ms to execute....

after adding count() cte like,

with cte as
(select .......)
,cte2 as (select count(column) as cnt from cte)
select cnt,* from cte,cte2

as I am runing single select query with count() it is taking about 80ms

I need the row count of cte query with better performance,

please let me know if it is any thing wrong.


1 solution

Why are you wondering? You define two CTE-s on to of the same records sets, and one is recursive. Try to run a profiler to see what locks are occurring. If you know better query plan than the optimizer, add a hint[^] to it.

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