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I stuck since a couple of hours on a test method.

I tried to reproduce a similar example. I have a service who extend a abstract service with an utility method like this:

public class MyService extends MyAbstractService {
        private UserRepository userRepository;
        public void whatever(MyDTO myDTO) {
            User user = this.userRepository.findByName(myDTO.userId);
    abstract class MyAbstractService {
        protected void hello(String userName) {
            System.out.printf("Hello %s", userName);

my testing class :

    void whenIcallWhaterver() {
        MyService myService = Mockito.mock(MyService.class, InvocationOnMock::callRealMethod);
        verify(myService, only()).hello(anyString());

My goal is just to verify if when I go into the method whatever, the method of the abstract service is called too. I got a null pointer exception because the repository isn't not init in the mock (normal behavior I assume), but I would like to learn/understand how test this.

How could I do to fix this?

Thanks for your help

What I have tried:

I tried another way where I don't use directly the repository into the tested service and user when theReturn but I assume I could inject the repository into the mocked service maybe?

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