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I have following regular expression

private static readonly Regex TokenRegex = new Regex(
         + "|(?<range>\\$?[A-Z]+\\$?[0-9]*:\\$?[A-Z]+\\$?[0-9]*)"
         + "|(?<cell>\\$?[A-Z]+\\$?[0-9]+)"
         + "|(?<token>-)|(?<number>\\-?\\d*\\"
         + System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture.NumberFormat.NumberDecimalSeparator + "?\\d+)"
         + "|(?<true>(?i)TRUE)|(?<false>(?i)FALSE)|(?<identifier>\\w+)"
         + "|(?<token>\\=\\=|\\<\\>|\\<\\=|\\>\\=|\\<\\>|\\=|\\!|[\\=\\.\\,\\+\\-\\*\\/\\%\\<\\>\\(\\)\\&\\^]))",

I am trying to match
Match var4 = TokenRegex.Match("HEX2DEC");
but it is not giving me correct value (HEX2)

What I have tried:

private static readonly Regex TokenRegex = new Regex("[A-Z]*[0-9]?[A-Z0-9]*",

with above rule it give me correct value but I need to make first regular expression working
Updated 7-Sep-21 9:32am
Richard Deeming 7-Sep-21 10:26am
Rather than pasting a cryptic regex which doesn't work and asking us to "fix" it based on a single example input/output, try providing a detailed explanation of what you are trying to match, along with multiple examples of input and expected output.

1 solution

I removed line
+ "|(?<cell>\\$?[A-Z]+\\$?[0-9]+)"

and it worked.

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