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I work on c# 7 I face issue I can't get data from file Request.form.file[0]  directly 

it must copying to server to get data from it 
so can i get data from variable DisplayFileName 

instead of get data from input path after copying to server

What I have tried:

//step1 get file from angular
         var DisplayFileName = Request.Form.Files[0];
         //step2 modify file name to be unique to avoid make error if exist before 
         string fileName = DisplayFileName.FileName.Replace(".xlsx", "-") + DateTime.Now.Ticks.ToString() + ".xlsx";
         // step3 make unique input path with input data  but not create yet
         string inputpath = Path.Combine(myValue1, DateTime.Now.Month.ToString(), fileName);
         // step4 make unique output path will export final result to it  but not create yet
         string exportPath = Path.Combine(myValue2, DateTime.Now.Month.ToString(), fileName);
         CExcel ex = new CExcel();
         //step5 check input file have data
         if (fileName.Length > 0)
           //step6 create file with input data i uploaded on server path on Input folder
             using (var stream = new FileStream(inputpath, FileMode.Create))
Updated 13-Sep-21 1:22am
Member 15329613 10-Sep-21 14:41pm
It has to be copied to server for c# to get it. I do not understand your question.
ahmed_sa 10-Sep-21 16:15pm
thanks for reply
can i get data from Request.Form.Files[0];
instead of copy to file then get data from copied file

You can read the posted contents of the file as a Stream. In ASP.NET MVC5, use the InputStream property[^]; in ASP.NET Core / .NET 5, use the OpenReadStream method[^].

Obviously whatever you're using to load data from that file will need to support reading from a stream. As an example, if you're using OLEDB to read an uploaded Excel file, that requires a physical file on your server's disk. But you may be able to use The OpenXML SDK[^] to read the file directly from the stream instead.
because c# run on server, if you want to get on client you should to use client side cript like java script
Please learn more about client server model

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