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I use C# WPF and Stimulsoft

I want to send path my font file was embedded to my report when need to show

I have embedded font in my WPF Project and I use it like this :

in XAML :
<Label x:Name="preloader" HorizontalContentAlignment="Center" VerticalContentAlignment="Center" Content="Loading . . ." Margin="319,178,48,34" FontFamily="/WpfApp5;component/FNT/#B Titr" FontSize="48" Background="White"/>

The font was embed from font's folder in my project :[^]

for my report was generated in stimulsoft I cannot embed font but I can send it a path of my font

by this I can send it my font path :[^]

for that I tried two way

What I have tried:

C# Code :

1- :
StiFontCollection.AddFontFile(@"pack://application:,,,/FNT/#B Titr");

this case will show this error :
System.NotSupportedException: 'The given path's format is not supported.'

2- :
var fntpath = Assembly.GetEntryAssembly().GetManifestResourceStream("WpfApp5.FNT.BTITRBD.TTF");

and in this fntpath.ToString() is null !

How to Add Font File to Stimulsoft report from embedded font in C# WPF - Stack Overflow[^]
Updated 13-Sep-21 0:03am
Richard Deeming 13-Sep-21 5:53am
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1 solution

The AddFontFile method expects the path of a physical file on disk. You cannot pass in a pack: URI, because it doesn't understand that format. And you cannot just call .ToString() on a Stream, since that won't produce any meaningful information.

You need to extract your font file to a temporary file, and pass the path to that file to the AddFontFile method.
string tempPath = Path.GetTempPath();
string fileName = "WpfApp5.FNT.BTITRBD.TTF";
string fontPath = Path.Combine(tempPath, fileName);
if (!File.Exists(fontPath))
    using (var stream = Assembly.GetEntryAssembly().GetManifestResourceStream(fileName))
    using (var output = File.Create(fontPath))


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